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DLD 2007

Digital Lifestyle Day – München


DLD (“Digital, Life, Design” – also known as “Digital Lifestyle Day”) is a conference covering digital innovation, gaming, arts and science, bringing together thought leaders from Europe, the Middle-East, America and Asia. The topics of DLD 07 are:

  • Internet & media outlook: Search, communities and gaming
  • Broadband challenges: Internet kills the TV-Star?
  • The future of marketing: from communities to neurosciences
  • Eurovision startup contest – centers of excellence?
  • Media without editors
  • Spicy ingredients from digital Asia
  • Complexity vs. simplicity in a high tech world
  • Climate Change – challenge, markets and solutions
  • The evolution of creative industries
  • How art & design drive innovation and brand agenda
  • Architecture in the city of the future: networks, work & life and public spaces
  • Design made in Germany – from automobile to new German fashion

DLD 07 will take place at the “KF-1” building in the center of Munich, Germany.

DLD, January 21st – 23rd, 2007

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